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Getting started with AirAgents® is quick and easy, with five hassle-free steps. First, you can enquire with us by clicking here. Once our team of experts have heard from you, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable meeting time in order to vet your establishment. After the contract has been discussed and you have decided to sign, we will conduct an extensive property audit, take professional photos of your property, create an impressive listing for your property and start managing the day-to-day processes and bookings for your short term rental.

AirAgents® is able to take over and manage an Airbnb listing even if you have been managing it by yourself all along. Just email us on and we will take care of the rest.

Any homeowner who wishes to generate a higher income and enjoy hassle-free and flexible short term letting of their home or apartment can benefit from using AirAgents®. Our expert property management team ensures that you don't have to worry about the day-to-day upkeep and booking processes of your short-term holiday rental. You can be anywhere in the world and relax as our experienced and friendly team manages your Airbnb listing in Cape Town.

Although AirAgents® does offer home owners the option to only use select services, we have found that this is not ideal when it comes to achieving the best results possible. In order to generate the highest income through your short term rental, AirAgents® should manage every aspect of your property listing. By allowing us to manage your entire listing, there will be no complications that can arise when the home owner and our AirAgents® team split responsibilities, such as communication difficulties and lower response rates to guest enquiries.

AirAgents® only manages entire property listings that can offer guests separate entrance accommodation to a self-catering home or apartment.

Airbnb has become a popular choice among many home owners who wish to generate an extra income and maximise their return on investment. Every home is unique and has a different earning potential to the next depending on the amount of rooms, additional facilities, location and other variables. Our AirAgents® team is equipped with technology that allows us to remain on track when pricing your property and projecting your potential revenue. Many home owners enjoy between 150 – 200% of the long-term residential yield, which is a substantial profit.

AirAgents® provides every service necessary when it comes to managing your property and keeping you and your guests happy:

  • Create, optimize and manage your comprehensive Airbnb property listing
  • Excellent guest response time, booking assistance, payment procedures and communication
  • Arranging cleaning, laundry, welcome packs and more to prepare your home for new guests
  • Provide local knowledge of the area, as well as additional extras to guests when needed
  • Restocking of essentials as needed as well as regular maintenance checks
  • Friendly guest concierge who is available 24/7 to assist guests with any and all queries
  • Managing everything – from listings, marketing, guest check-ins and guest-check outs, cleaning, laundry, accounts and more

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